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for a more responsible world


ISD has been committed for more than 15 years to the environment and is anchored in a CSR approach through dynamic projects with the support of dedicated teams.

In 2005, we began to mobilise around strong societal actions, which we continue to promote today by federating them around a project: BEE.

It brings together our CSR initiatives on HR, social, societal, sponsorship, association and sustainable development issues…


To take our CSR efforts even further, we have developed a new programme: Green Act.


This sustainability programme lists all our eco-responsible solutions from our standard products and customised projects, to make your business an eco-design entity, through all phases of the product life cycle.

Indeed, we have adopted all the good practices of the circular economy that we wish to highlight: use of recycled materials, anticipation of the end of life of our POS material, sorting and reuse of our production waste, but also turning off the lights when leaving the company. These gestures are key to a global consideration of environmental issues.

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HR Social

1 person hired as Performance, Continuous Improvement & CSR Manager in the group


Rail freight development

Professional equality index

women-men in 2020


Professional equality index
Gender equality index in 2019: 76%**


Creation of reusable stands for trade fairs and our showroom


Gravity bins and scoop bins that are 100% designed and manufactured in France and comply with Bisphenol A-free food standards

Sorting / End of life

Sorting of
office waste
(cups, paper, bottles, corks, etc.)


Use of
recycled materials***:


of Sitour catalogue turnover


Score of


Ecovadis Gold Medal in 2021



of our production is made in Europe

*Publication of the score obtained by companies with at least 50 employees in France for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2020.
**Publication of the score obtained by companies with at least 50 employees in France for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2019.
*** Less than 30% is equal to 80% combined on our commitments.

Our 2020 CSR initiatives

They are part of this awareness that the world around us must be preserved and that our actions must reflect our responsible commitments:


  • Sharing good CSR practices between the different subsidiaries of the group
  • Federating the surrounding companies in order to set up actions for the development of industrial zones


  • Donations of products for various associations and administrations
  • Support and guidance for the retraining of former employees


  • Deployment of the Green Act project
  • Renewal of our ECO POPAI certification
Greenact Eco popai Ecovadis

We are committed to working with you in the design

of your POS projects that combine eco-responsibility and shelf value

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